We offer a variety of programs to accommodate different work schedules.

Yearly Commitment Fee………$150 (non-refundable)

2 days/week - $320/month

3 days/week - $480/month

4 days/week - $640/month

5 days/week - $760/month

Morning Classes (2).png

4 sessions - $640/month

5 sessions - $760/month

6 sessions - $840/month

7 sessions - $920/month

8 sessions - $1000/month

Morning Classes (1).png

(4 year olds ONLY)

3 days/week - $480/month


Age Requirement: The minimum age for enrollment is two years, nine months (before September 1). We do not accept children who wear diapers. (Pull-ups are recommended.)

Entrance Requirement:

In accordance with California state regulations, a record of the following must be provided before a child can be enrolled:

Current required immunizations

  • Physical examination report (signed by a physician)
  • Completed enrollment form
  • Student health history
  • Emergency treatment permission form (signed)
  • Admissions policies agreement form (signed)
  • Clients’ rights form (signed)
  • Child abuse awareness form (signed)
  • Please ask the office for the required paperwork